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Reconditioning slewing rings: the works

When your slewing ring enters our workshop we will always start with a visual inspection. We try if the slewing ring turns and feel and hear for all irregularities. If necessary we take some samples and pictures which we will continue all through the inspection process. After that the clearances are measured and the slewing ring’s surface will be cleaned. Than we will start dismantling the slewing ring. All separate parts will be visually inspected en cleaned.

As soon as we have a complete view on the condition of the slewing ring we will decide if the slewing ring is fit for a reconditioning and, if demanded by the customer, if a emergency repair is possible.


Slewing ring: fit for reconditioning

If your slewing ring is fit for reconditioning we can start the reconditioning process. As there are several different types of slewing rings, we cannot recondition all slewing rings in the same way. Therefore it can happen that after inspection it shows that your slewing ring needs special size parts that we will need to produce first.

We always strive for a wide range of reconditioning parts in our stock. And because of a large and reliable suppliers network we can often get service when we have special needs for specific parts. As soon as it is clear whether we have all items available, we will start mounting the separate rings of the slewing ring on the machines and do the necessary adjustments and enter the settings. The machining can now start.

To obtain the optimal tolerances we will fit and measure several times during the process. Because of our unique reconditioning process it is possible to create a more accurate tolerance than the original part initially had. In theory we can deliver any tolerance you demand, this is limited by the un-roundness of the separate rings. When all is according the tolerances the slewing ring will be assembled en after the placing the seals, if necessary, we will apply a corrosion protection. Your slewing ring is now as good as a new one and can work for a long time again.


Slewing ring: not fit for reconditioning

If your slewing ring is not fit for reconditioning we can always examine if we can at least repair the slewing ring so that it can keep working until you have a durable solution. Of course it is also possible that we will have a replacement in stock for you. Although we have a very large an wide range of slewing rings available from stock, we still find that we do not have a specific model available regularly. In all cases we can make a drawing of your broken slewing ring to make reproduction possible.


More information

For more information regarding slewing rings, the service we have to offer with reconditioning, and for information on several products and parts, you can call us +31 481 374784 or fill out our contact form. We will answer as soon as possible.