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Reconditioning: economical interesting

Often reconditioning a slewing ring is more interesting than investing in a new one. Reconditioning costs about half the price of a new one. Whether it is for a excavator, dragline, tower crane, mobile crane or fairground ride: with reconditioning you almost double the life expectation of your slewing ring. It will work almost as long as it did until now.


Reconditioning: Inspection for possibility

The main condition for a successful reconditioning is of course the state of the slewing ring and the intensity of the performance expected. Therefore we always inspect the slewing ring to see if reconditioning can extend the life time to the expectations of the customer. For that we inspect the slewing ring on the following aspects:

  • Dimensions
  • Clearance and tolerances
  • Wear age
  • Cracks and other damage
  • Hardness of the material


Reconditioning is possible for slewing rings with a diameter from 600 to 5500 mm. Smaller than 600 mm is sometimes possible, larger that 5500 mm we will not accept for reconditioning.


Reconditioning: parts

With reconditioning it is mainly about the following items:

  • Repair or reconditioning of the gear teeth
  • Machining the raceways
  • Replacing the balls or rollers
  • Replacing the spacers and seals


The last item, the seals, are necessary for optimal protection against moist and dirt from the environment it works in. We have a large stock of different sizes rollers, balls, spacers and seals. From that stock we mostly can execute a recondition in a relatively short amount of time.


More information

For more information regarding slewing rings, the service we have to offer with reconditioning, and for information on several products and parts, you can call us +31 481 374784 or fill out our contact form. We will answer as soon as possible.