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Van Manen kantoor

35 years experience

In 1977 the brothers Van Manen started a agriculture and building equipment company. Soon they would start reconditioning slewing rings, for a market with a great demand in that area. From the history of growing up on a farm they developed their methods and techniques for reconditioning slewing rings on and on.


Reconditioned slewing rings: quality

At first mainly producers of slewing rings where sceptical about the quality. But after showing that a reconditioned slewing ring works just as long as a new one, they had to review their opinion. Reconditioning is a very good alternative to purchasing a brand new one.


The slewing ring specialist

Meanwhile Van Manen Draaikransen has grown to become the slewing ring specialist of the Netherlands and around the globe. Since 1988 Van Manen is exclusively working with Slewing rings. The company keeps on growing: there is a increasing demand for solutions when it comes to various problems with slewing rings. The customer network is spreading around the world these days. Maybe Van Manen Draaikransen can also be of service to you!


More information

For more information regarding slewing rings, the service we have to offer with reconditioning, and for information on several products and parts, you can call us +31 481 374784 or fill out our contact form. We will answer as soon as possible.